One Thousand Points of Light

Okay that statement was made by our 41st, not my favorite leader, but this phrase came to me as I thought of creating this blog. I have been contemplating doing this for many months and even started one and then deleted it. Why another blog? What do I have to offer anyone in terms of insight? Then a few days ago as I was walking down Broadway people watching, as I often do, being a photographer whose canvas is usually the streets of NYC , I realized that there are billions of people in the world, each of them carrying their own specific way of seeing, relating, experiencing the world. Within them are a multitude of ideas and concepts which most of us will never know about. What unique idea is being brought forth in someone’s mind hundreds of miles away or right next to you? There exists a sea of ideas, a plain of these electrical impulses we call thought; a thousand points of light.

I have decided to use this forum to shine my light a little. Now like most people I gather I have a higher opinion of myself and ideas than others will so this blog will be kept on the down low a little. I’ll link to it from my website – – and let people read and comment if they wish. But the main purpose of writing this blog will be similar to why I photograph. It will be a path to self discovery. A way of working out ideas I may have for future projects or for current problems. It’s also a great way to practice my writing skills which are woefully lacking. I have repeated the following phrase as a mantra for too many years: “If I could write, then I would not need to be a photographer”! 

My friends tell me that I have grown more assertive with my ideas as I have gotten older. “Crotchety” is the actual word used by my wife. It’s not that I have grown more confident with my views, it’s more that I realized that everybody else’s views aren’t necessarily  better than mine and in most cases they are worse. There I go being “crotchety”. I guess this will be my forum for expressing myself in the verbal arena, a playground for my “crotchety” self and all those who wish to listen.


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