Sympathetic Vibrations

In science just like in art, everyone is trying to find the ultimate meaning, the ultimate explanation. Personally, I don’t think this will ever happen. We are flawed but wondrous creatures and the ultimate revelation will always be just beyond our grasp. That’s okay; this is what keeps life interesting. It is the search not the answer that nourishes.

In the field of Physics there is an area of research called String Theory that is trying to unify all the forces known and to reconcile the behavior of the vastly large and the infinitely small, Newtonian Physics and Quantum Mechanics. This theory basically says that the interactions of fundamental particles (strings) depend on their modes of vibration. Everything is made up of these “strings”.

Hmm,,, this may explain a lot about human attraction also. Last week I was asked to photograph the 1st annual Writer’s Reception at The New York Society Library. There were lots of heavy hitters there including the likes of Susan Cheever. My task was to ask each of the writers to pose for a photograph. These were basically snapshots (albeit very good snapshots).  While they were pleasant enough, the writers ( who were mostly, if I may be forgiven for using this term, waspy) were aloof and somewhat cold. Of course there were some exceptions as always.

As I was being led from writer to writer by a staff member of the Library I noticed a woman sitting somewhat alone. We looked at each other and caught each other’s eye and she smiled. Unfortunately I was too busy to stop and try to say something witty (doomed to failure at any rate). But I kept seeing her out of the corner of my eye through out the night and felt her presence even when she was not in my line of sight.  At one point as I was crossing the room, Richard Panek in my sights, the woman and I locked eyes and she had such an expectant manner and such a great smile that I all of a sudden found myself stopping and asking her if I could take her picture. She said yes and immediately ran to get someone to pose with, Ved Mehta. After taking some shots we spoke for all of a few minutes and exchanged business cards. Actually, I don’t carry around such cards with me but I did happen to have invites to a gallery show I am having in October so I gave her one of those. Bottom line; she turned out to be Tracy Quan, author of the Diary of a Call Girl series of books. I found this out only after googling her (forgive me Tracy). There must be a lesson here somewhere.



Tracy Quan and Ved Mehta

Tracy Quan and Ved Mehta


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