You Are Here

chicago_001It is no secret that I love to travel and see new places and people. Photography is how I interact with the world. With camera in hand I have gone to Texas, Chicago and San Francisco this year. While I was in Texas I had a great idea for a series of small portfolios. I was walking around just outside of my hotel, which happened to be across the street from an amusement park with a huge roller coaster. Banners hung from the lamp posts enticing people into the park.  In the middle of the banner in large letters it said “You Are Here”. What a great title for a series of images, I thought. To no one’s surprise I took a photograph. The image shows a desolate area with a road heading off into the distance, on the left side you can make out the roller coaster and the banner. It is an interesting photo and when I get it printed I will put it up here. 

I’ll put the portfolios on my website as they are created under the general title “You Are Here” and then I thought it would be fun to name each place after the code for the airport that I landed. Texas would be; You Are Here : DFW

As for today’s photo it is from my most recent trip to Chicago and will appear in that portfolio. Look for it on soon.


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