bht_001 Said the straight man to the late man
Where have you been
I’ve been here and I’ve been there
And I’ve been in between

King Crimson

The practice of landscape photography is an exercise in the recording of a destination. A specific place and time rendered on to film or sensor.  This series of photographs I am in the middle of putting together are anti-landscape. These are images of the places we rush through on our way to somewhere. Specifically they were taken from the NJ Transit train I take to work everyday. These are the scenes that rush by as we read our newspapers or  chat to the person sitting next to us as we drink our coffee. These are the places between here and there;  between now and then, between reality and memory.

Classic landscape photographs are an exercise in premeditation. A specific location is arrived at, a specific time is awaited (sometimes for days or months or years), a certain view chosen. These photographs were taken as they came upon me from the train window. It was more like hunting with a rifle; the scene would come charging towards me and I would raise my camera and usually put it to my eye, sometimes not,  just pressing the shutter as the camera was held against the window. Many times the train would be moving too fast and I had to let some images rush passed and escape into time.  Sometimes the train would slow down  and I could creep up on a landscape and capture it.


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