Merry Christmas

dbht_-6It seems that the culture pendulum is swinging a bit back the other way. I was just at Lens ad Repro to pickup my beloved Mamiya 6MF. It was damaged on my trip to Chicago. While I was there I wished Geoffrey Happy Holidays and he responded with. “I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas. We can surely say Merry Christmas to each other, we both celebrate it”. 

I guess he took my “Happy Holidays” as a sign of political correctness. On the contrary, I explained to Geoffrey that in my house not only do we celebrate Christmas but also Hanukkah (my wife is Jewish) and also Three Kings Day. I was merely trying to express all the activity and celebration that this time of year encompasses for my family. Geoffrey laughed appreciatively and we then got into a discussion of the tradition of Three Kings Day and of the difficulty of finding fresh grass in Brooklyn in January. My mami used fake, plastic grass instead. You know, the kind used around the Easter Holidays. 

So I will take this opportunity to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!


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