Mission Impossible


I love Polaroid film. I have several boxes of Type 55 and the SX-70 Blend film, which came from the Netherlands and is also out of production, left and I am using them sparingly, making them last as long as possible. Apparently I am not the only lover of Polaroid film and I actually  knew that when I read and heard the outcry from photographers late in 2007 when Polaroid announced it would cease production in 2008.

Each polaroid that I shoot brings me that much closer to the day when I would have to put away my SX-70 somewhere in the high, dark shelves in my studio relegated to equipment that will no longer be used. Well, guess what? That day maybe further away than I thought. This morning Shauna Church from ICP e-mailed me a link to the website of The Impossible Project. Their goal is to start production of analog Integral Film for vintage Polaroid cameras by 2010. This is from their site:

The Impossible mission is NOT to re-build Polaroid Integral film but (with the help of strategic partners) to develop a new product with new characteristics, consisting of new optimised components, produced with a streamlined modern setup. An innovative and fresh analog material, sold under a new brand name that perfectly will match the global re-positioning of Integral Films.

The Impossible Project is asking for the help of the community of photographers that will benefit from their activities. I have already sent them a message showing my support and letting them know I will do what I can to support them. You should too.

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