As I prepare to commence the New American Photographs project I keep thinking about approaching and meeting new people, strangers. Usually when I photograph on the street I just snap away without speaking to anyone. Rarely does anyone pay me any mind. But with this project I think it is important to learn something about the things and people I am photographing. What I learn would feedback and strengthen and shape  how I see and photograph America.  A few times I have approached people and asked if I can take their photograph. My heart always races when I do this. I keep wondering if I had a card, or something that might help explain what I am trying to do, that might ease my anxiety a bit. I have read how some photographers usually carry  tear sheets and maybe a book of their work to show people and share. With that in mind I created a promo card and have ordered a small batch from Apple’s iPhoto. I will also carry around a book of my street photographs called Streetwork which I also had printed on iPhoto. The images are on my website. I’ll try this out in the streets of New York and Maplewood and see how it works. Now, I just need a bag to carry it all. That is a subject for another entry.


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