nap_001The online world is definitely the place where the next great experiment in publishing will be conducted. It has already had an enormous impact on the industry and it will have an even larger one once this technology is sorted out. New tools for mass communication keep popping up (see for example Twitter) and with online publications the communication is two way and 3 way as people respond directly and then e-mail the page to a friend. I am thinking about this after looking around for interesting photography blogs and websites and came across Burn an online journal created by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey. Burn is a platform for emerging photographers (mainly students of David Harvey) to show and critique and grow. I have only just discovered it this morning but I have already seen some really good images and image makers. The really interesting thing about Burn is that it is not a finished product. It is intended to change and evolve. This elasticity is unimaginable in the print magazine world where a makeover takes months and thousands of dollars. I intend to read and interact with Burn now and in the future.

To be honest what brought Burn to my attention was an announcement of their Emerging Photographer Grant competition. I immediately thought of my project “New American Photographs” and plan on entering the competition. One of the images I plan on including is above. Cars and America go hand in hand just like cheese on a burger (want fries with that?). But in this new hyper-consumer America not only can you buy the car but you can buy a miniature model too! Take your car wherever you go! Gotta Love it.

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