Forty Deuce


Workers washing down the sidewalk near 10th Avenue.

Workers washing down the sidewalk near 10th Avenue.

If you were a teenager back in the late 70’s or early 80’s in New York you would inevitably have heard a friend of yours announce that he was heading to forty deuce. He was going to Times Square – 42nd Street. The term forty deuce always conjured up pictures of bright lights, seedy store fronts and hookers. This was way before Disney came to town.

Last year I decided I was going to photograph 42nd Street. Not just the Times Square area but all of 42nd Street from river to river. I got the idea from something Keith Carter once said. He said that in order to help himself focus when he is photographing in a new area he picks just one street to photograph. My street is forty deuce. In my images I want to show that Times Square is just a small part of the whole. I want to show the changes in the life of the street as you go from one end to the other. 

I started this late last summer and shot quite a few rolls but became distracted and shot very little during the winter. I hate shooting in the cold! 


Recently I discovered a new film by Kodak (can you believe that). It is Ektar 100. It is derived from their motion picture film and it supposedly has the  world’s finest grain (where have I heard that before?). I bought 3 rolls (you get a rebate if you do this but of course I have not gotten around to sending in the rebate form) and decided to test it out on (you guessed it) forty deuce. Samples from the first 3 rolls can be seen on this entry. My initial impressions? I like it. The grain is much better than their Portra films and at my personal film speed setting of 80, I can get the subjects to blur when I want to  (I love doing this). They scan easily and the color corrections are quick and painless.

I’ll be buying more of this film!42_001_ektar1


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