Jim Campbell


Thus usual AIPAD crowd.

The usual AIPAD crowd.

By this point AIPAD 2009 is old news. It arrived and left last week. I normally would not write about photo events. I prefer to leave it to more capable and knowledgeable insiders such as this entry from James Danziger’s excellent blog, The Year in Pictures. But there was one piece that caught my attention and those of nearly all of the passers by. It was a piece by an artist I never heard of, Jim Campbell.  

For nearly twenty years, Jim Campbell has been creating some of the most innovative technology-based work seen today. Campbell pairs custom electronics with the use of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) and additional materials in the form of resin, Plexiglas, and still photographs, among others. Campbell has produced unique designs for custom hardware and software by drawing on his background in engineering and mathematics. The preceding was from the catalog to the AIPAD “Innovation” show within a show.


Unfortunately my photograph of the work does not really do it justice. The piece is a transparency mounted on Plexiglas. Behind it is an array of LED lights that play a low res video of people – really shadows – walking through the depicted environment. It was really beautiful and belies the cold description of the work in the catalog. The piece transcends it’s plastic and electronic materials (as all good art should). I was never really a fan of multimedia art until I saw this piece. I guess I am finally catching up with the times!



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