ap_0342 I have been rethinking  my America project in light of how expensive and time consuming it will be. I have new appreciation for what photographers like Robert Frank and Stephen Shore have done. I thought I would be able to rent a car and drive at least to Kansas from San Francisco in June but it is too expensive. Just the car rental is over $1000.00 and this is only a couple of weeks. This project will take a lot longer. So I have been rethinking. At the moment when I go to San Francisco in June I’ll shoot in San Francisco and San Carlos (which is where the Better Light conference I’ll be attending is located) for a couple of days and then I am driving to Reno and Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

The reason for my destinations involves a rethinking also of what I want to accomplish photographically. I found my entry to the Emerging Photographer grant lacking (as I am sure those judges did too). I have to go beyond what has already been done, beyond just a document.  The American landscape as experienced by me.  Isn’t that what these photographers have already done? This in itself is not enough. My personal experience must somehow communicate the “Universal” as well as what attracts and interests me. Maybe the American landscape is putting too much of a container on things.  Thinking, thinking, thinking…

Just got a call from Lens and Repro. The repair to my 35mm Leica lens is complete and will cost $475.00. Even less money for traveling. But it is a great lens and worth the price of repair. See my interpretation of the Field Museum of Chicago above.


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