Visura Magazine

I think I may have wrapped up shooting for my Forty Deuce series. I can’t really tell until I pickup the last ten rolls of film at Duggal and go through it. As I have told students and fellow staff photographers, it is just as  important to know when to stop shooting as it is to know when to begin. I have been drawn to shooting with my Hasselblad on a tripod lately, creating more quiet and contemplative imagery. I guess I have become a little tired of shooting on the fly in the street and creating a series about a specific place. It might be nice to shoot images that have nothing to do with any place in particular but instead deal more with a way of seeing the world around you in a simple, quiet sort of way. I actually started doing this with my polaroid camera but now think it might be a good idea to put these ideas on to film.


Speaking of putting ideas to film, there is a new online magazine out called Visura, which means (as it says on the cover) an examination made by eye. When I first got the e-mail announcing it I thought it would deal with mainly Latin American photography but to my surprise it does not. Sure it has photographers like Luis Gonzalez Palma but also the likes of Jeff Jacobson , Ed Kashi and Shelby Lee Adams (all in the second issue of the magazine). They also highlight lesser known photographers. 

My favorite from this issue is Cornelia Heideger’s series Doppleganger. She very cleverly creates photo assemblages of six to nine images that unfold to one image in which she appears twice; Cornelia and her Doppleganger. The series is a psychological battle between the artist and herself. 

You can checkout the magazine at …

…and please spread the word. It would be a wonderful thing to help this magazine succeed.


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