Thinking and Acting

blogearthdayThe difference between a great artist and a mediocre one is the intelligence with which that artist wields his brush or camera or instrument. This thought came to me while I was on 42nd Street happily shooting away. For most of my time shooting on 42nd street I simply reacted to what was in front of my lens. Reacting very quickly to people and situations. As I reviewed photos for the project I kept thinking that something was missing. The images were  interesting documents (to me, anyway) but none the less documents that any ape with an autofocus camera might capture (not to disparage our ape kin they are very intelligent, emotional beings and this being Earth Day and all…).  I wanted to go beyond this somehow.

So at one point as I sat on a rather high planter box on 42nd Street and 9th Avenue with my Leica in hand I saw the branches of the small tree  I was sitting next to jutting out into my view of the street and I thought, “What if I focus on the plant and get an alternative point of view”. I thought focussing on the branch would suggest that this magnificent City exists within a larger place, that we are nested within a more glorious, interconnected planet and no matter how magnificent the City it is only a small part of a grander landscape. The people in the photos seem somehow lost and out of place. Like me they are searching, always searching. Anyway the two images I shot are above. Maybe I have learned something that will help me grow as an artst and as a person.

Happy Earth Day!


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