Phase II

I recently received an e-mail update from The Impossible Project. This group of people are attempting to reinvent and restart the production of analog integral film.  The update said Welcome to Phase II. So like the photo geek that I am I went to their website and found only a slightly updated site with a cool new logo and some new merchandising but not much word on the progress. Still I am hopeful and continue to use my SX-70 around the house.


The image above is actually at my sister-in-law’s house in Maryland a few hours after Thanksgiving dinner. It has a William Eggleston quality which I like very much.

I recently bought some packs of the Polaroid Artistic film. It is very different  from the Blend film I am using. Blend has been discontinued and I am mourning it’s loss. I have one pack left. The Artistic film is not bad but certainly has it’s own look. Mostly due to the fact that  this was the last of the materials Polaroid had laying around and I guess they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel. But for the right subject it works.



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