Union Square

It is funny the way work leads to more work and ideas lead to ideas in a sort of cosmic flow. A short while ago I wrote about how I was sitting on a planter box on 42nd street and hit upon the idea of using shallow depth of field to highlight a detail in the street that would lead to a more zen view of the urban environment. I used a tree branch in the picture examples I posted.

Well that led me to explore the idea of using shallow depth of field on the street which led to the idea showing different points of perception within the same picture plane. This led to the idea of using an old technique I utilized in my landscape photography; making a panorama by shooting several frames as I moved the camera from left to right (on a tripod of course). The twist being that each frame would have a different focus or shutter time. The above image is an attempt of creating a panorama on the street and hand held. Not bad, but it could definitely use some refinement. After the refinement will come the addition of differing focus and time within each of the frames. A new avenue to explore in my depiction of the city. I’ll definitely being trying this technique when I am in San Francisco in early June. Below is another example showing different focus points and shallow depth of field.



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