Summertime Blogging Blues

Summer is here. School is out, and so is the sun, finally, after such an unusually wet June. Unfortunately so is most of the Photo community. Galleries have “filler” type shows and most don’t even open on the weekends in the summer. Photo bloggers sign off and promise to return in the fall.

I myself have not been as active on my blog. Busy but not really in a summertime sort of way. I did travel to San Francisco and have a two week trip planned to Europe in August. But since returning from SF I  have been busying myself color correcting and optimizing images for my 42nd Street portfolio. I also started photographing for a new portfolio of images (more on that later).

I love street photographs especially when the edges have unusual artifacts, cut off limbs, signs transformed by a judicious crop. My favorite of this last genre is by Aaron Siskind of a torn poster on top of another poster. The tear reveals a pair of shapely legs and the words “In and”… my dirty mind fills in the rest. It is a wonderfully lascivious image.


This thought came to me as I was working on this image:


I really like the disembodied  hand holding a cigarette on the right hand edge. It is sheathed in black (how New York) and just exudes cool in contrast to the tense face of the young girl on the left.


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