Michael Jackson is Dead

My son Isaac has recently discovered the genius of Michael Jackson. The news of his untimely death has unleashed a torrent of tributes in the media. My wife now puts on Michael Jackson videos on MTV.com and every night for what seems to be an eternity my son dances to “Thriller” and “Beat It” over and over again.  My son is quite theatrical and watching him is almost as much fun as watching TV. At one point Isaac  declares his undying devotion to Michael and his mother turns to him, bends down gracefully and says, I am sorry honey, Michael Jackson is dead. Ahhh! My son throws his hands in the air and wails, Nooooo! and falls to his knees, much the same way William Shatner does in the Star Trek movie, “The Wrath of Khan”.


My reaction to the above scenario was very existential. Accident of birth, bad timing. You can’t control when you come into this world and you deal with your place in History as best you can. Isaac discovers Michael Jackson after his death and I discover Polaroid SX-70 just before it’s demise. I have just loaded my last pack of Blend film into my camera. I promised myself that when the last piece runs through my camera that I would post a small gallery of my Polaroid images. A final tribute.

Well now that tribute might be put off a little bit. I just purchased a neutral density filter for my SX-70 camera that will allow me to shoot Polaroid 600 film. I ordered 10 packs from Polapremium and so have postponed the end of my affair with Polaroid for a little while. I have my fingers crossed for the Impossible Project. What I love about Polaroid aside from it’s quirkiness is that I can shoot it whenever the mood strikes me. I usually shoot Polaroids around the house whenever the light streaming in catches my attention or transforms an object. It is totally relaxed an off the cuff; no pre-planning, no setup, just pick up the camera and shoot and minutes later a work of art! I will put up a gallery of Polaroids eventually and will create an ibook or Blurb book. I have also been toying with the idea of creating big prints from the scanned Polaroids and creating giant Polaroids.



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