When I was a young boy growing up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn I would often look up at the sky to escape my dismal surroundings. The sky was fascinating and beautiful even in the noxious surroundings of an industrial neighborhood. The sky is where I found nature, the spiritual and the peaceful. I was looking for something meditative and soul soothing as my next excuse to carry a camera and click and somehow it seems to be the right time. Don’t ask me why it’s the right time. I only know because I am doing it (there is logic in there somewhere). In the creation is the living and the being.


One thought on “up

  1. The given purpose of life, I believe, is to absorb whatever surrounding you in the period of time of you were born in, digest them in your brain and heart in your original way, then export that to the outside world. Scientists find problems and questions of the days they live, and provide answers. That will be a great treasure of the human history. You artists find beautiful or questionable things/thoughts outside/inside of yourself, and understand them in
    artistic way, then produce great art pieces. This eventually let the viewers to better understand their surroundings of today and the past. It is great that
    you are making history in this way! Looking forward to the future posts.

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