The Naked Heroes


Minor White understood that photography was a tool in man’s search for self. It was not the end all and be all of life. Before I became a photographer I wanted to be a musician. I wanted to be Jimmy Page oh so badly as a teenager!  I can still bang out the riff to Black Dog and a couple of other Zeppelin tunes. As a senior in High School I went to get a recommendation from my music teacher who alas, was a failed and frustrated musician who convinced me not to pursue music as a career. Now I am not blaming my failure to become a competent musician on him. I did not have the drive to spend hours and hours practicing. It did not come as easily as spending hours and days in the darkroom or months and years  shooting a series of photographs.

I am always happy to see a friend accomplish anything especially if that friend is a musician or artist (same thing right?). Well I was excited to hear that George and Merica have just come out with their first album. Together they are The Naked Heroes, a raucous blend of looks, talent and exhibitionism!  They are having a record release party on Saturday, July 25th at Glasslands in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You can download the album from For you fans of flailing drums and sick guitar this is an album not to be missed. It’s on my ipod.

By the way that’s also a great photo I got from their website. It’s not mine. A tip of the hat to whoever the photographer is.

Good Luck Guys!


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