Everyone is Back

Back To Work

Back To Work

Seems that all my favorite photo bloggers are back from their summer hiatus and so it seems fitting that I start up posting to my blog again. I have been back from Europe for about a week and a half but have been too busy catching up and getting the kids ready for the beginning of the school year. Can the dreaded “What I did on my Summer Vacation” school essay be far behind? My two little ones will be scratching away at this Fall ritual this weekend I expect.

Speaking of Summer Vacations and what I did, I have completed my 42nd Street series. I’ll post the essay to my website soon. I will be giving a short talk at Soho Photo on October 22nd to a group of Associate members of the Cooperative. The talk will focus on my hybrid working method (shooting film and then scanning and online distribution) and I’ll be showing the complete set of images projected on a screen.

Just for the hell of it I will post some of the pictures I took on my wandering around France and Spain. Hmm… sort of an update of those excruciating vacation slide shows that people were once upon a time subjected to – Boring Vacation Photos. Stay Tuned!


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