Boring Vacation Photos


Well our European trip came about because of the “love affair” of my son Isaac with a classmate. Lucie and Isaac were inseparable when they were together in Mrs. Laura’s class and when Lucie and her family moved to France for a year they would write each other letters and e-mails saying how much they loved each other. Did I mention my son is 5 years old?  Yeah I know it amazed everyone. So inevitably Lucie’s family invited Isaac and his family (that’s me) to visit. That’s Lucie and Isaac above experiencing a bed of moss near a stream we visited on our first full day in Vernet les bains.


Isaac and Lucie are collecting moss which they will attempt to cook. Lucie’s father, Pierre, studied agriculture. He enjoyed showing us edible plants and lecturing us on the wonders of nature. He even showed us a plant that could be used as soap to wash your hands. Very cool dude!


This is one of the first pictures I took upon arriving at our host’s house. It’s a view of their backyard from the door of the cottage.


The next day we took it easy and strolled around the village, bought bread and took pictures.


Apparently there are artists who live in the village.

As well as your average cats and dogs.


Stay tuned for more boring vacation photos!


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