As I promised I have just added a new portfolio to my website. It is called 42. It is, in it’s most basic form, an existentialist walk along 42nd Street in New York City, traveling east to west. You can view the portfolio here. By the way, the image above is the cover of the iBook I am making to show the portfolio (beats lugging around a box of prints). Feel free to e-mail me if you would like to purchase a copy.

The nice thing about this portfolio is a discovery I made. A new direction for my work in the street. I was really bowled over (and yes after so many years you can still surprise yourself) by the images that had highly selective focus and very shallow depth of field. They hint at something else, another plain (emotional, spiritual). It reminds me of the mantra of the photographers in the Minor White School of photography; “Photograph for what else is there.” But unlike the Heliographers of the 50′ and 60’s I think the color is very important to the images.  Along with my Up series I am now actively working on creating more street images along these lines. Wish me luck.



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