The Book I Heard

Between 1

As I was creating the web gallery and the iPhoto Book for my latest series, 42, I made and interesting observation. Now I knew this beforehand and photographer friends and I have discussed it, but there’s nothing like finding it out yourself through experience to hammer it home (again).  Almost all of my photo series are meant to be viewed in a book form. I never visualize these images on a gallery wall. So as I create an iPhoto Book I notice how the images in the book, depending on how they are sequenced and placed, sing. There is a dynamic created between and among the pictures. On the web gallery, being as they are viewed one after another and the chance of two or more images interacting are reduced to nil,  the web gallery becomes mute. It lacks the dynamic found in the books.

Therefore I have put up PDF versions of two of my iPhoto Books for you to take a look at and compare to the web gallery. You’ll notice the slight change in sequencing demanded by the book form and hopefully you will also notice the tones and the rhythms that are created. Okay now go listen to my books.

I must ask forgiveness from Roy Decarava, a great photographer and teacher at Hunter College (which is where I studied photography for a bit). The title to this entry is a play on the title of his magnificent book, The Sound I Saw.


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