Image © Harry Callahan

Image © Harry Callahan

There are some photographers who have a certain way of working and never deviate. A great example is Michael Kenna. He shoots with a square format camera in black and white and creates 7 inch square prints. He has been doing this for decades. There are other photographers, like Harry Callahan who are always switching formats, films and subjects. Harry Callahan was extremely eloquent in whatever he explored. He was verbal in the language of black and white as well as color. He could wield a 35mm camera on the street and also and 8×10 in Chicago. I hope I am at least a fraction as eloquent and talented as Mr. Callahan.

My practice is somewhere in between. I’ll stick with a subject, camera, film for years and then at one point I’ll have an itch to do something different. Sometimes I’ll go back to a subject I was exploring previously and have a different angle or better technique or even something new to say. For the past six or seven years I have been a street photographer in the classic mold, wandering the streets and reacting to what I saw. Lately I have been in a more contemplative mood (which may be a direct reaction to my somewhat chaotic family life at the moment). So I have been making images for my series, Up, which  are not only more serene than my street photography but it’s in black and white.

I am also dusting off my Hasselblad (I just bought a new lens shade for the 80mm Hasselblad lens) and creating urban landscapes like I did years ago. Hopefully my craft and eye have matured to the point where I can say something significant. And again I will be exploring this subject in black and white.


Central Park, NY, 1995


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