It seems that I always start my Streetwork projects in the Fall. That is my favorite time of year. While I have not stopped photographing in the streets of New York (and a bit in Barcelona, Spain) I have not had a comprehensive idea for what I am shooting (Aside from my Up series – in  progress). The idea jelled in my mind this morning when I was reading the In-Public bios of photographers. By the way if you are a fan of street photography you really should visit In-Public. I was reading the Bio/Statement of Bryn Campbell, a master street photographer. He says:

The equation is a simple one: streets = people. And it is people’s behaviour that most interests me: actions, reactions and interactions; emotions, body language, eccentricities, humour – and those rare moments of visual surrealism that can make one’s day.

I agree that this is the crux of the art of street photography. But I want to subvert that a little. I want to focus my photography on the environments, the man made objects and displays created by people.  As a  grad student in Archeology for a little bit I quickly came to realize that individuals are not history. Objects are history. What people leave behind; that’s what counts when you want someone in the future to know about you or your culture. After all a lot of people could tell you what the Pyramid of Cheops looks like but not many can tell you who it was built for (King Khufu) or what he looked like.



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