The Interpreted World


I am rediscovering the beauty of black and white imagery. It started with my Up series and it is continuing with my street shooting. I have re-thought my Streetwork09 series a bit. I want to explore the streets in black and white and I want to add an element of the surreal. Now the surreal has always been a part of street photography but my surreal will be just a little bit uncomfortable, a little bit puzzling. The inspiration for this and the title (both of this post and the eventual complete series) comes from a Rilke poem. It is the first poem of the Duino Elegies which I have posted on this blog previously. The inspirational line is:

Ah Who then can we make use of?

Not angels, not men

And already the knowing creatures are aware

that we are not at home

in our interpreted world


Like I said yesterday, a few words are enough to get you going on a creative trip. Being prolific is just a matter of not inhibiting your creative impulses. Follow your creativity to wherever it may lead. I started the Streetwork09 series as a color project but have been inspired to explore black and white. I am going from a small 35mm rangefinder camera to a medium format SLR. Why? Just to see where it may lead.


Any takers?


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