Museum Studies


I am not a fan of photographing outside in the cold weather. Winter is usually a low productivity season for me. The main activity in winter is scanning. I scan my film negatives and color slides and try to get some sort of organization in my files during the cold weather months.

Inevitably there is the pang of hunger. The desire to go out shooting and create images. For some time now I have been wondering what sort of project I could do that would be indoors but yet interesting and allow for shooting under natural light.  This idea hit me a few weeks ago when I was in The Metropolitan Museum of Art taking in the Robert Frank retrospective.

Every-time I travel to a city I usually checkout the Museums. I am a great fan of Museums. They are special worlds and each one is unique. I usually snap a picture or two while in the Museum. An architectural detail might catch my eye or there is something about the lighting or there is an interesting juxtaposition of of patron and Art.


Yesterday I talked about contemporary photographic practices being too engaged in referencing Art History. I don’t think I will fall into this category of practitioner with this series. I am not referencing art. I am observing and recording details of a little kingdom the way I would on a NYC street or neighborhood. It’s just that some of the actors might be made of marble. You don’t have to know art history but you will have to know how to laugh…


or cry or simply just feel.


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