Blow My Mind

I just finished creating an iPhoto Book of my series of photographs that I have entitled Up. I’ll probably get the copies I ordered from Apple sometime after Christmas. I’ll put the PDF on my website soon. As I was contemplating the images and starting to get my usual Holiday Melancholy I got a glimpse as to why I might have been taking these photographs. That’s the great thing about art as practiced by Minor White and his school, it is a pathway to self-realization. Just like that little boy back in Brooklyn who looked up at the skies to see something grander than where he was, I too am searching. At my age it is inevitable that you ask yourself, “Is this all there is?” It has been a long time since I have encountered something or someone that blew my mind; that somehow changed the way I looked at the world and myself or at the very least gave me a clearer picture of “life” and my position in it at a particular time.

These feeling have led people to abandon everything and go someplace and start over again. That is just plain silly. This feeling is a call to delve deeper into life or to step back a little and see where you are in relation to the path you are creating. I love  it when a photograph, anybody’s photograph (but it is especially thrilling when it is one of mine) makes you stop and reflect or gives you that feeling of discovery.  It’s like getting a message from life. Some people would say “Heaven” but as many people know I don’t roll like that!( Sorry couldn’t resist.) But there is that “spiritual” dimension to all this I must admit. I leave you with these words from Minor White:

Every photograph, A celebration. Every moment of understanding, a Birthday.


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