According to my parents, I did not speak a word until I was 3 years old. As a child I was very introverted and sometimes I think that I might have been somewhat autistic. I could easily withdraw into myself and look out as if from within a shelter. I think mentally, I put up a protective screen or wall between me and reality. I remember when even being slightly admonished by a teacher I would hang my head and withdraw into myself; becoming unresponsive to the teacher. Now thankfully I have progressed light years from that little boy, but recently I have been replaying these memories and feelings in my head and spirit. I think it began with my Up series where childhood feelings of wanting to escape my environment and looking to the skies to find it were the taking off point for the series. Even though I have a collection of images I think there is still more to do here.

As you can see from the picture above I have also started trying to express that childhood feeling of putting a wall between me and the world. A study of wall that runs along Riverside Park in NYC and also how a “wall” prevents you from really being able to interact with friends, family, lovers. You see and sense only partially. The message is fragmented, never whole.


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