New York Photo Review

© Shomei Tomatsu

As if I don’t have enough on my plate, I have decided to write some reviews for a new photography website, The New York Photo Review. The site looks like an old fashioned newsletter and contains listing and reviews of current photography show in New York City.  I was forwarded  an e-mail sent to Soho Photo by the owner of the site, Don Burmeister asking for reviewers. There are a lot of photo shows going on in this City and I imagine you would need quite a few reviewers to cover them all. Since I go to galleries all the time I thought I would help out by sharing my opinions.

My first review is of the Shomei Tomatsu show at the Howard Greenberg gallery. The image above is in the show. It is erotic and violent all at once. The work of a true master. Unfortunately the show has already closed so I was a bit late with my review (after all I only decided to do this last week). But you can still see it online if you click here.

I also wrote a small review of the Kenneth Josephson show at Gitterman Gallery. It’s a great show of earlier work by an important photographer. Plus Tom Gitterman is a very friendly and welcoming person. While I was there (not knowing I was a reviewer) he very graciously took the time to talk about the work and lead me through part of the show. Look for it to be online tomorrow. By the way, both shows got four stars!


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