Review: Kenneth Josephson

© Kenneth Josephson

My second review is now available at The New York Photo Review.

Kenneth Josephson is best known as a witty and humorous conceptual photographer. His “pictures within pictures” are justly famous in photo circles. While not well known to the general public he is a “photographer’s photographer”.

In my review I cut out a section describing the above photo (mainly due to length) but I thought I might discuss it here. Josephson studied with the likes of Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind (as you can read in my review). He also studied with Minor White and this influence can be seen in the image above. The printing is beautiful (unfortunately the image above does not do the original justice). The two bushes become sentient beings. They are either marking the walls or as I first thought, they are erasing themselves. It is an amazing image and one not readily associated with this photographer. I would strongly suggest that anyone remotely interested in photography go see this wonderful show.


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