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© Joel Meyerowitz

Only in New York can you stumble upon a talk given by a Master photographer and a historian. Last Saturday I went to the Edwynn Houk Gallery to see the Pioneers of Color Photography show. The show exhibited works from Joel Meyerowitz, Stephen Shore and William Eggleston. These three legendary photographers forged a new language at a time when color photography was still a difficult and expensive medium and also frowned upon by the Art World. As I walk into the gallery I see a large group of people sitting facing a tall, thin, older gentleman  and another younger and more hipsterish looking gentleman. It was Joel Meyerowitz and the author of a book on color photography from 1970 to 1980, Starburst, Kevin Moore, in conversation. My review will be posted to The New York Photo Review website sometime today. Take a look.

I am planning a couple of other reviews of shows currently showing or soon to be opening. Last night I went ot the opening of the Ryuji Miyamoto show, Kobe, at The Amador Gallery. He is an extremely nice and congenial man who spent some time with me talking about his Kobe images and his latest photograms and the connection between the two. I’ll be writing that up today so look for it soon on the Photo Review site. I’ll post some extra info on this blog tomorrow plus a picture or two. Also on my list are the Issei Suda show at Higher Pictures and the Yuichi Hibi show at The L. Parker Stephenson Gallery. Stay Tuned.


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