Light, shadows and color. Black is also a color. These are my concerns as I stroll down Broadway in NYC for my new series of images, aptly titled “Broadway”. While I am still basically performing my imitation of a street photographer I have been trying to be a bit more deliberate, not so “off the cuff”.

There are basically two ways of creating, one is additive the other is subtractive. Painting is additive, music is additive. The artist starts off with a  blank canvas or a blank page. All he has is an idea in his head that he then proceeds to lay down bit by bit until he has a completed work. A little orange here -allegro, a dab of blue there – pianissimo,  and a high E to a B flat.

Photography is subtractive. Everything is in front of the lens. As I walk down the street I have to take away things. I get closer, I open up to blur out background details, I under expose to let things go black, a slow shutter speed spreads reality out like frosting on a cake.  I wait and discard one piece of time after another until the right moment presents itself. Like a sculptor chipping away at  marble I attempt to create art. I don’t want to react, I want to create.


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