PX 100 Film: Impressions

My shipment of the new instant film from The Impossible Project, PX 100, arrived Thursday night. Boy was I excited, although I didi not get to shoot with it until Easter Sunday. What can I say, I am busy. The first thing I wanted to shoot were my kids (shoot? kids? Freudian slip?). It was a good day for a portrait since they were getting dressed up for Easter Sunday dinner with grandma.

The first shot I took of my daughter, Sarah, came out almost white with just a ghostly impression of her. On the next shot remembering that the Impossible website recommended that you protect the exposed film from light I immediately put the film in a box and let it develop. I also turned the exposure wheel 1 line darker.  This second one had some funny spots, which, looking back I can also see on some of the images on The Impossible website (what up wit dat!). It was not my rollers since it wasn’t consistent. Some pieces had it some didn’t and they were not always in the same spot. Finally on the third try I met with success.

I really like the color and the feel of the film almost like a tintype. It has a really old fashion feel harking back to the beginning of photography.

Up next was my son.

I got lucky. The above image took only one piece of film.

As we were leaving our house and piling into our 2000 Honda Civic I saw the shadow on the wall that is depicted in the first image above. You wonder why my kids are so still. Well, the TV was still on and they were mesmerized by Spongebob Squarepants! I quickly grabbed my SX-70 and took a shot. But it came out really overexposed. I forgot to turn the exposure dial one line darker. On the second shot I adjusted the exposure and got what you see above. Although the Impossible website recommends leaving the exposure dial in the middle, it seems that you do have to adjust the dial according to your particular camera. The exposure stayed pretty much the same throughout the rest of my shooting with only very slight adjustments (1/2 to 1/4 line change).

Bottom line; great film if a little tricky to use (protect from light upon exposure especially), wonderful color and feel. It’s expensive, though, and those mystery spots can ruin a significant number of shots and you only get 8 images per pack. Later I’ll show you some more results I got with this film.


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