PX Film Spots

Yesterday in my review of the new PX instant film, I mentioned the fact that there were some mysterious spots that appeared randomly on the photos. You can see what I am talking about in the image above. After finishing my post yesterday evening I wrote The Impossible Project and within a few hours I received a response. Chalk one up for customer service. The message follows:

Hi Dave,

We’re actually not entirely sure why the mystery dots appear.  We have a request in for the guys in the factory to have a go at this question – which we’ve received from a few other folks as well.

As soon as we have an answer, we’ll post it to the FAQ.

Thanks for bearing with us while we collect feedback and continue to improve the film.


So they are looking into it. Looking forward to the resolution. It is a beautiful film and I plan to continue using it. In fact I plan to order some more later today. Five packs go very quickly.

Below is a diptych from a series of family portraits I plan on creating with the PX film. I have been thinking about it for awhile but was never really satisfied with the images until I started working with this film. Below is the first diptych of, I hope, about 12 or so. I still like the idea of scanning the polaroids and making big prints. The original polaroids I’ll frame and hang in my house.



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