Impossible USA

This is my 100th post to this blog. I was planning on writing some sort of celebratory post but I got to thinking about time and the artificiality and arbitrary nature of the way we mark time and give significance to dates where none should exist.  Humans are wired to see patterns and significance where none exist. It’s the way we make sense of the world and in a way it is how photographers create photographs. Out of the jumble of the world we create and impose a certain idiosyncratic order on the world that we  share through our photographs.

I went to the office of The Impossible Project on Friday. The 100 ASA film has been giving me problems lately with some delamination occurring on several of the new packs I purchased. They said they know of the problem and are trying to fix it. I traded in my remaining ASA 100 film for the new ASA 600 film which they say is much improved. I am awaiting a Polaroid 680 that I bought on eBay to arrive.

According to Ann at The Impossible Office,  the current space will become a retail outlet. The grand opening is this Saturday. I’ll keep my ears up and will share any further news as I hear it.


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