The opportunity to suffer the freedom of the outsider has been forced upon me.  My application for graduate studies in photography has been rejected. Of course I will not stop making photographs and writing about them. Without photography my life would be lonely, to quote the Japanese photographer Toshio Shibata. But I guess I’ll never get to teach in a formal academic setting (that might be a good thing come to think of it!) and the access to the “art world” that Graduate Programs afford it students will elude me.

But I guess I will be free to pursue my ideas and point my camera to whatever strikes my eye and soul without having to answer to anyone but me. Right now I am still working on (and probably will for quite some time) my Broadway series. Another example of which is displayed above. I thought it was rather appropriate for the this post’s topic.

Another series I am starting to think about is one on just the general feel of the City. The City being any large, urban area, which is where I tend to like to photograph. I don’t necessarily want to document life in a City. But rather I want to create equivalents (see Minor White on Equivalence) of my feelings as I walk around in urban areas; the tension, the wonder, the melancholy and the excitement!


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