People Get In The Way


As promised some more examples from my On Broadway series. In this first picture my attention was caught by the blue sign announcing “Tenis y Zapatos”. Tenis isn’t really a Spanish word but it is what we called sneakers when I was growing up (speaking Spanglish). The red head just happened to walk by (okay maybe I waited for someone to walk into the picture).

Here I am interested in the fire hydrant but the people in the background (especially the young guy in front looking at me) completes the image. The background is soft to show where my attention lies.

Here my attention (and the center of the image) is caught by the object in the distance (George Washington Bridge). This is a view from Broadway and 178th Street. In a design sense the people on the left and the cars on the right are equivalent. They just lead the eye to the bridge.

And I guess sometimes I just ask someone if I can take their photograph.


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