Between Here and There

© Weng Fen

I have a new review up at The New York Photo Review of the new Metropolitan Museum of Art show, Between Here and There: Dislocation and Displacement in Contemporary Photography. Unfortunately, I can’t post all of it here but I will post the first paragraph. For some reason when my reviews get posted online all of the italics disappear making it a little confusing.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been boldly treading in the realm of contemporary photography in recent years. From Reality Check: Truth and Illusion in Contemporary Photography in 2009 which explored the practices of staged photography and other techniques of questioning the veracity of the photograph, to the major retrospective of The Pictures Generation 1974 – 1984 and to Surface Tension: Contemporary Photographs from the Collection, a survey of contemporary artist who exploit the seeming contradiction between the photograph as object and the photograph as a “window”, the Met Museum has been exploring current issues in the medium in a smart and engaging fashion. In it’s most recent installation at the Joyce and Robert Menschel Hall for Modern Photography, The Met has come up with another intriguing path to explore through this history; the idea of displacement and dislocation. Read More…

The above image is by Weng Fen a Chinese artist whose work comments on China’s rapid transition to modernity. Of all of the works in this show this one really caught my eye. It is beautiful, poetic, symbolic and speaks to the people of today; everything a good photograph should be.


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