Over twenty years ago John Lennon screamed to the world the plight of women everywhere – Woman is the Nigger of the World – and unfortunately it is still too true today. Yesterday I came across the latest issue of TIME magazine with the most eye popping, stop you dead in your tracks cover. Tragically it is of an 18 year old woman, Aisha, who because she dared to escape from her abusive in-laws was sentenced by the Taliban to have her nose and ears cut off! The amazing thing about the photo is that the photographer highlights her beauty and dignity and does not portray her in anyway as a victim (although she was totally)!

Alas I am a photographer and will leave the commentary on the ethical and political complexities that arise from this story to others that are far more capable. So here you will find a thoughtful commentary by the editor of TIME and here you will find a cogent analysis by a fellow blogger.

As a father blessed with a beautiful and talented daughter I just hope that men will realize that a woman is to be treasured. Treat a woman that you love  with dignity and empathy. Treat all as you would have others treat you, no more, no less.


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