Three blocks away from our home was Newtown Creek and in the summer it would give off such a stench..

Brooklyn is where I was born and raised and specifically I was born in that hipster capital of the world Williamsburg. Of course back in the 70’s and 80’s it was an entirely different place. It was the wrong side of the tracks, the sticks,  a slum. It is right in the middle of an industrial zone, factories, polluted waterways, expressways. Williamsburg and Greenpoint back then was a place you drove through not to. One of the many photo series I am working on intermittently is A Brooklyn Childhood (Landscape and Memory). The premise of this series is based on the fact that this area has changed so much since I lived there and as I walk down the streets with my kids I am seeing and experiencing something very different than what my kids are experiencing. My vision is enhanced by time; I remember the past and overlay it on the present.

“Look this is where Reischman’s store used to be…”

“This used to be Joe’s Butcher shop. The plate glass windows surrounded the first floor of the building and inside he had sawdust on the floor and my mom would send me there every Saturday with a list of meats for Joe to prepare for her…”

“That used to be Nunzio’s Pizza shop. Remember when he blew off his hand trying to save his car from an M80 – ohh!”

You get the idea. Anyway the series is made up of the image plus the words relaying a specific memory. I bring this up because the NY Photo Festival has a new initiative called Capture Brooklyn. Below is their Mission statement:

The Mission:

New York City is indisputably the cultural capital of the world. In the 20th century, the nexus of relevant art was the island of Manhattan. But the 21st century has seen a definitive shift, making Brooklyn the new epicenter of literature, music, art, and photography.

Capture Brooklyn, a new initiative by the New York Photo Festival, is a juried exhibition of contemporary photography that seeks to capture the spirit and essence of Brooklyn, and to showcase the vitality of photography happening in the hottest part of New York right now!

Drawn from submissions received online through August 29, 2010, 80 photographs will be selected and exhibited at The powerHouse Arena in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The show’s official opening will take place during this year’s Dumbo Arts Festival (September 24-26), an event that draws over 150,000 visitors over 3 days – and will remain open until October 15, 2010.

It is our hope that Capture Brooklyn will not only serve to acknowledge and celebrate the fantastic photography happening in this borough, but also encourage and nurture the growth of Brooklyn’s artistic renaissance.

To enter the contest, please visit

I just entered 3 images (fee of $25). The top image is one and the other two are below. I am always dubious about entering contests especially those that require a hefty fee. But you have to get your images in front of people, right? So if the fee is not to high and it seems reputable I’ll enter and give it a shot.

My father was in Korea and everytime he would take off his shirt we would see that huge scar...

Me and my friends we would always try to get into places like this and we would be thrilled to just get a quick glimpse of the girls before we were chased out...


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