The Impossible Project recently released a color version of their film. It’s called PX70 Colorshade. They have a pretty good resource page here. I of course put my order in as soon as it was available and below are my impressions.

The first thing I want to mention about the film is that it is not as temperature sensitive as their monochrome film which drives me crazy. In my opinion their PX 100 film is their best but it is hard to use in the middle of summer unless you are carrying around a mini fridge. The examples in this post were taken on a hot (90 degree) day. The film is rated at 125 asa and as usual I had to turn my exposure dial one line towards darker to get a good exposure. The film is still light sensitive when it come rolling out of your SX-70 so I immediately flip it upside down and put it into an old 4×5 film box. I let it develop for 2 minutes before examining it in full light. After 2 minutes the film has a speckled sort of look which disappears after a day. Hmm… that’s a long development time.

The colors exhibited in this film are a far cry from the original polaroid color film (especially the Blend film which I absolutely loved). The images are heavily biased towards blue and I am hoping that the scientists over at Impossible are working to bring out the reds and greens and give this film a better balance. But all in all it is a very interesting palette and actually works well with the right subject matter. I tend to think of this film as a monochrome, cyanotype-like, film. I tend not to think in color with this film but rather in monochrome where I am paying attention to tonality and not color.  If you do this you will do pretty well with this film.

The film is now available at The Impossible shop in NYC and online.


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