Delving Deeper

When do you know it is time to stop working on a certain portfolio or set of images? With assignment photography there are time constraints. You also have an editor that will give you a list of images to get or you create a list from the story you are given by editors and Art Directors. But when you are shooting personal work it is really up to you. There are some sets of i mages that you never really stop shooting. I am at heart a street photographer and most of my images can be classified as street photography and even though I might make portfolios like 42 or Images Alone, I am still, today, shooting the same types of images. They are all basically an exploration of my environment which just happens to be New York City (lucky me) or the surrounding tri-state area (by which I mean New Jersey).

Recently I  have been thinking about the several portfolios I have up on my website and for some like, Images Alone, I can’t go back and revisit since I am not going to Japan anytime soon. But other portfolios like Between and Up seem to me incomplete. I still ride the train between Maplewood, NJ and New York most days and as I stare out the window I see images daring me to capture them. I still walk the streets of New York and look up towards the sky and I see images that I so dearly want to put on film. So recently I have! I am thinking of revamping my website to reflect this and show that these three groups of images will be an ongoing study for me. Live and change (or don’t).


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