It’s fall, my favorite season in which to photograph. Please pardon me if this blog is a little more quiet than usual. I am having a blast with my new Panasonic GF1. It’s a great camera and it’s digital. Yes, I may be falling a little harder for digital in my personal work. The image above was taken from a train window and yes, it will be part of the Between series.

I am also shooting a lot in the subways with this camera. I started a series called Underground a while back and I was using black and white film but I stopped. The images just weren’t “fresh” enough. Now I am trying it digitally. The GF1 allows me to tweak the white balance and allows me to get great images with none of the filtering needed if I were using film! I am sure this is old hat to any younger photographer but I am just discovering the virtues of digital for my personal work.

I usually torture myself by questioning my motivation for shooting. Why do I do it? What’s the relevance? But right now I am just having too much fun and that is a pretty good reason to do anything!


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