At Play At Night

San Francisco, 2009

Soon it will be time to set the clocks back an hour to adjust for Daylight Savings Time. This means the sun will set earlier and when I walk out of the Library where I work it will be dark. I guess this means it is time to play at being a night photographer like Michael Kenna or (to go back further in history Brassai). I must admit it is very easy to shoot night photographs with my little digital camera. With film there would always be lots of color correcting but with my Lumix I set it to daylight if there are no buildings or sources of artificial light or to tungsten (and tweak using the WB tool extension in the Lumix camera) if there are buildings and such that will be significant elements in the photo. I set the iso to 800 or 400 and shoot. The photo of San Franisco above was taken with my Contax G2 and Kodak E100 GX slide film. The original slide is very yellow due to the lights in the store in the background. This is after color correction and cropping in Photoshop.

Post Office, Maplewood, NJ, 2010

This photo came out of my Lumix with very little help from me aside from setting the camera and pushing the shuter button (and of course a lifetime of visual studies and learning) and I did not have to wait days for the film to come back from a lab! Time for a little night music!


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