Won’t you please, please, help me!

No, no, no I am not really asking for your help. I am quoting John Lennon and his song Help! When he wrote the lyrics for the song, Lennon was miserable, feeling trapped and overwhelmed by his celebrity. I on the other hand feel just the opposite. I am frustrated by my mediocrity. At my age I know full well that I will never be an art world darling or even noticed by the galleries down in Chelsea. That both pisses me off and gives me a feeling of freedom. I can stop doing a project at anytime and do something eles. I can go from digital to film and back again and no one would care! This is a good and bad thing. When I feel this way I always tend to pickup my Leica and take pictures for the series I call UP. Some of these are on my website but that is only a sketch. This is an ongoing series. I am shooting in Black and White using Ilford film (which I love). The total opposite of what all those contemporary gallery artists are doing! Take that (as if shooting film is a form of protest these days)! I see now that shooting these pictures is a form of therapy. It is as if through these pictures I am looking for an other, comforting place (some might call it Heaven, but not this avowed atheist).

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