I don’t think about what camera I should use that much. I just pick up the one that looks nicest on the day – William Eggleston

Okay, so I had a hissy fit yesterday. Men are allowed to have them every once in awhile. As most artists must do at some point in their lives is realize they will never be a star, whether it’s music, painting or photography. I have seen a lot of talented musicians who will probably never become famous but they will work as musicians in some capacity. I work as a photographer and also do my personal work and I do it because I enjoy it. And like William Eggleston I can choose whichever camera and also whatever format  – be it film or digital, black and white or color and decide whether I want to do landscapes or portraits or street photographs on any given day. I have no outside pressure. So facing up to your mediocrity (at least in terms of how the art world sees you) is sort of like the dilemmas all sentient beings face; you know you will die one day but you would rather not think about it. Just go on your merry way and make pictures until your heart’s content.

So here is finished image from one of the rolls of film I pictured yesterday hanging up in my upstairs bathroom. You can tell I was highly influenced by the work of Minor White and the Heliographers.


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