Relating to things…

The word reality is derived from the late latin word realis; relating to things. I have always maintained that each individual creates his or her own reality stemming from their physical makeup and also from their own experiences. Your physical makeup limits what you can perceive and how. For a simple example, we all perceive colors slightly differently. Our eyes are adapted for seeing a very specific, narrow band of lightwaves. Bees can perceive ultraviolet light. Compared to a dog our sense of smell is woefully inadequate.

Our experiences also shape our reality. Where you are in relation to an event has a tremendous impact in your view of the world. Also the type and amount of information  you receive has a tremendous impact on how you perceive the world. Media outlets have known for a very long time what to include and what to exclude in order to deliver a particular slant on specific events. People who watch FOX news exclusively have a very different view of things than people who read The New York Times or watch The Daily Show (one of my favorites).

As a photographer I can only truly believe what I perceive and experience personally. Photographs are a reflection of your reality converted to a 2 dimensional space. They are like little notes to the future. They are cast out in the sea of your progeny so that one day they can say that at one time this fellow was here, and he saw this, and made this picture to record his relationship to this thing or situation. Pretty Cool!

I just realized that if you remove the (wh)y from yours it becomes ours. There’s meaning in there somewhere.


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