Bye Bye Film 2012

©2011 Dave Ortiz


Last night I was developing several rolls of my favorite Ilford film and as I was loading the films on to the plastic reels that I have been using forever (Patterson Tanks and Reels are tough) I started to question whether or not it was still worth shooting film. I am pretty good with my little Lumix GF1. Most of the photos posted on this blog recently have been shot with this little digital gem. I don’t make prints unless it is for a gallery show. Most of the time I put my photos online or make little blurb books and the digital file is archived.

As I was hanging my film up to dry I was taken by the film as an object in and of itself and began to photograph it. I wonder if this would make for a neat series of images? After all Paul Graham came out with a book about (of all things) film grain!

While I have not come up with a definitive answer regarding my original question I will shoot a couple of more sets of images like the one above to see what pans out. As I ponder the question I would like to point out (to myself mainly) that “film” black and white is preferable than a black and white digital image. See the image below if you disagree. Digital does not have the characteristics I look for in bokeh. The out of focus areas in digital images are just too harsh for my tastes most of the times.  Although the image above shot with my little Lumix doesn’t bother me in terms of it’s out of focus regions. So I guess I’ll continue shooting black and white film for a little while longer.


©2011 Dave Ortiz


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