Polar Bearing

After the plunge, ©2012 Dave Ortiz

The first day of the new year found my family and I on the beach in Asbury Park, NJ (Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!) although it was unseasonably warm, it hit 53 degrees, it was much too cold for a romp in the waves, But yet hundreds of people gathered for the annual Polar Bear plunge to raise money for charity. My daughter and her friends participated for the first time this year. They raised over $580.00!

Of course I had my little Lumix with me and I was intending to just take some snapshots from the spectator area but then my wife tells me, “You’re a photographer for God’s sakes, got out there and take some pictures, please”. So I did. I jumped over the yellow caution tape that separated spectators from participants and joined all the big boys with the big cameras. It’s amazing what you can get away with if you just look like you know what you are doing, and being nice of course.

Go!, © 2012 Dave Ortiz

There are many more pictures but I always hated when photo bloggers would just post picture after picture. A little editing goes a long way! I think these 2 pictures sum up the day pretty well.


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